Tolomatic Servo and Stepper Motors

Tolomatic servo and stepper motors creates A low cost, easy-to-use Single Axis actuator solution.

Tolomatic motors are an easy-to-use, low cost motor solution developed specifically for electric actuators.

Capabilities of the servo and stepper motors include:

  • Several modes of operation including; Index move, pneumatic mode, and analog position mode (configurable for 0-10 Vdc or 4-20 mA input)
  • Controlled using Modbus RTU Network Mode over RS485 provides infinite positioning capability or configurable digital I/O (24 Vdc Opto-Isolated)(NPN or PNP) for up to 16 move commands
  • High current brake output control
  • Easy to use Tolomatic Motion Interface (TMI) configuration software knows the actuator mechanics, no need to calculate

Servo Motor Specs & Performance Data

Stepper Drive Specs

Stepper Motor Specs & Performance Data 2

Stepper Electronic Motor Brake Specs

Servo Drive Specifications

Stepper Motor Specs & Performance Data

Servo Motor Dimensions

Stepper Motor Dimensions 17 & 23

Stepper Motor Dimensions 34

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