Your Motor Here®

Tolomatic makes mounting your motor to our actuators EASY!
Be sure to check back frequently as we will continue to add new motors and actuator combinations.

Your Motor Here (YMH) is a program that Tolomatic designed to make mounting most standard motors to appropriately sized actuators easy and seamless. YMH is limited to motor and actuator matches displayed on this website. Some exceptions will apply due to the variety of actuator & motors combinations with respect to size (large motors on small actuators, small motors on large actuators). Please refer to the YMH Exceptions section below if you do not find a match.

  1. Select either an In-line or Reverse-parallel motor mounting configuration

  2. Make a selection from the sequence of drop down menus

  3. Matches for motor-to-actuator FIT will be displayed

Please note that matches are for mechanical fit only and do not consider electrical motor sizing. Use our Sizing and Selection software or other means to properly size & select the motor for the application.

NOTE: This tool does not validate IP rated motor mount compatibility (i.e. IP67). For more information, contact Tolomatic

YMH Exceptions:

Due to many different dimensions of actuators, motor mounting designs and the actual motors themselves, there are many combinations of actuators & motors which are not standard in this program.  Reference the Customer Specified Motor Specification Sheet pdf to assist in getting your motor matched to the actuator you need.