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Tolomatic Motion Interface Version


Tolomatic Motion Interface (TMI) version for ACS Servo and Stepper Drive. Release date: 4/3/2015 Includes: ACS Servo Release Notes: • Onboard storage of configured part number • Updates DIO vs Network Mode Enable/Disable rules as outlined in TMI Manual • Prevention of Network Control when TMI/Software is in control • Analog Input / Output updates • Auto-negotiation fix for Ethernet Port 2 ACS Stepper ST1048 Release Notes: • Initial Release – Support for higher power applications • USB Configuration • Higher Ethernet performance ACS Stepper ST0324 Release Notes: • Final Release • Support for gear box configurations TMI Software Release Notes: • Added Brake Support for Other Motors (Stepper) • Updates to Analog Calibration limits • Updated Manuals/Guides • Support for forced Micro-step modes in Other Motor (Stepper) • Compatibility Mode added to Firmware Upgrade Tool for problematic configurations • Misc. bug fixes and graphic updates, etc.