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Tolomatic Motion Interface Version


Tolomatic Motion Interface (TMI) version for ACS Servo and Stepper Drive. Release date: 10/8/2014. Includes • ACS Servo Firmware Version • ACS Stepper Firmware Version ACS Servo Firmware Release Notes • Enable command when issued using TMI would not clear pending faults. • Drive responds with incorrect part string • EIP Conformance Tested ACS Stepper Firmware Release Notes • Added LINKSTATUS, LINKSPEED, LINKDUPLEX commands. • Updated RTA Ethernet/IP stack Rev. 2.37 • Ethernet Performance Updates TMI Software Release Notes: • Updated E1 motor tuning to turn off position integral gains by default. This can be unlocked by right clicking on the numeric up/down control • Updated E1 motor continuous current maximum to address I2T issues • Updated maximum of peak current duration for servo drives • Stroke Length not loaded correctly for previously configured drives • Updated Error Display to user when connecting to Stepper Drive that does not have firmware loaded • Revdir bit on Stepper drives • Regional issue with commas instead of periods in numerical conversions • Using move delays and the mode setup sequencer • Allow motion interruption with Motion Manager – we now set stop if we are in motion and we start a new motion using motion manager. • Added AutoComplete for Motor Combo-box in the Actuator setup tab. • Updates to add Ethernet Status to Ethernet Configuration window • Updates with HT RSA Screws • Updated Documentation Files