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Tolomatic Motion Interface Version


Tolomatic Motion Interface version for ACS Servo and Stepper Drive. Release Date: 7/15/2014 Includes • ACS Servo Firmware version • ACS Stepper Firmware version ACS Servo Firmware Release Notes: • Digital Debounce Timing Fix • Added Brake Support • Ability to update Hostname • Updated Ethernet/IP Stack to 2.37 • Updated Ethernet/IP Generic Device Keyable ACS Stepper Firmware version • Digital Debounce Timing Fix • Updated Ethernet/IP Generic Device Keyable TMI Software Release Notes: · Fixed Digital Debounce Units · Fixed Software Scope Profile Save/Load · Increased Graphing Performance · Added Brake Support · Position Error Configuration in Network Mode · Updated Documentation · Copy Actuator Added · Email Problem Report Added · Increased Communications Performance