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Tolomatic Motion Interface Version


Tolomatic Motion Interface version for ACS Servo and Stepper Drive. Release Date: 5-20-2014. Includes • ACS Servo Firmware version (Updated from • ACS Stepper Firmware version (Updated from ACS Servo Release Notes: • Addressed Velocity Ripple during USB communications on some configurations • Fixed analog input/output stalls during on Ethernet enabled drives • Updated default settle time and in position criteria on drive • Addressed persistent velocity error • Added support for tuning over Ethernet (UDP Socket Connection) • Additional bug fixes ACS Stepper Release Notes: • Improved performance of Ethernet • Added Ethernet link status • Fixed analog input calibration routine • Additional bug fixes TMI Software Release Notes: • Increased max settle times for servo drives • Increased communications speed for USB drives • Added ability to tune Servo over Ethernet • Onboard sampling now available over Ethernet when TMI is in software control • Fixed TFUT holding USB port open after upgrade • Additional TFUT bug fixes • New TMI Application ICON • Updated Documentation • Additional bug fixes