Theater Lamp Post Actuation

Product Family: Pneumatic
Product Used: CC30 Cable Cylinders
Product Type: Standard

Application Requirements:
Stroke: 168” (4.2 m)
Orientation:  Vertical

Application Description:  
Lamp post to rise out of the floor, on stage, during musical theater performance..

For their upcoming performance of “Singing in the Rain”, the set designers at the Utah theater wanted a lamp post to come out of the floor for a dance number. This was also going to be a wet environment, as it was the key part for the “raining” portion of the program. To make things even tougher, the ideal lamp post was 14 feet tall.

Tolomatic Solution:
The engineering manager at the theater called their local Tolomatic distributor.  After a little discussion, they agreed on the idea of using Tolomatic’s Cable Cylinders.  The theater had used these in the past – benefiting from their flexibility of mounting and low cost.  They hid the actuators inside a set piece, used a compressed air tank, and worked magic with a wireless remote control. Built-to-order at the required 14 ft length (that’s the easy part, Tolomatic can make these in lengths over 23 ft as a standard.)  They needed the 3″ bore to get the necessary force, and it required 2 to move the overall weight of the lamp post. With only 4 weeks to design, test and install; Tolomatic’s fast, built-to-order delivery was critical for this project. A special crate was fabricated to ship these long length actuators.

Customer Benefit:

  • Pneumatic actuators gave reliable performance in a wet environment.
  • The appearance of the lamp post became a “magical” part of the performance.
  • The actuators were delivered on time and the entire system worked great.