Sorting Sides of Beef

Product Family: Electric
Product Used: ERD15 rod-style electric actuator
Product Type: Modified Standard

Application Requirements:
Stroke: 2 in (50 mm)

Application Description:
Positioning diverter rail to sort sides of beef.

A large beef processing facility wanted to replace hydraulic cylinders used in diverting process to reduce the potential contamination from hydraulic fluid leakage and to provide a more hygienic environment. In addition, the customer required easy installation with reduced maintenance schedules and a reasonable ROI. The project required the coordination of individuals from the maintenance, electrical, and automation engineering staff.

Tolomatic Solution:
A specially designed ERD15 rod-style electric actuator with a Tolomatic stepper motor and a JVL controller provided the dependable motion required. The Tolomatic stainless steel ERD with the SS2 option provided a clean, leak-free, hygienic design. The ACS allowed for an easy to use, easy to install actuator so they could get the new diverting process up and running fast.

Customer Benefit:

  • Eliminated the possibility of hydraulic contamination
  • Hygienic actuator solution provided safe, reliable motion
  • Ease of installation
  • Reduced maintenance