Piston Filling

Product Family: Electric
Product Used: Stainless steel electric actuator
Product Type: Custom

Application Requirements
Stroke: 12-24 in.
Speed: 30 in/sec
Load: 600 lbs
Cycles: 75x/min
Ingress Protection: IP69K

Application Description: 
Piston filling

A machine builder of filling equipment for the food industry had been using stainless steel pneumatic actuators to operate their filling process. The customer wanted to convert to electric technology to improve flexibility while maintaining or increasing the speed of their filling process.

Tolomatic Solution:
Working with the machine builder’s design engineers, Tolomatic developed and delivered a custom all stainless steel electric actuator that met the IP69K requirements, could withstand the 600 lbs of thrust and fit within the stroke, speed and cycle rate specified.  Still in service, this 1st generation hygienic design was refined and sold as the ERD stainless steel electric actuator. Additional improvements culminate in the current RSH hygienic electric actuator.

Customer Benefit:

  • Reduced setup time with flexible control of filling/dose size
  • Faster machine operation due to instantaneous force creation by the electric actuator