Palletizing & Slip Sheeting

Product Family: Pneumatic
Product Used:    MXP32
Product Type:    Standard

Application Requirements
Stroke: 72 in. horizontal; 62 in. vertical
Speed: 30 sec. one complete cycle
Load: Horizontal actuator carries the load of the vertical actuator
Moments: 632 lbs for Mya
Motion Profile: X-Y gantry

Application Description:  
Slip sheet placement on pallets for palletizing

A manufacturer of palletizers for bagged, bundled and baled products was looking for an efficient way to place a slip sheet on top of pallets to ready them for palletizing. The X-Y gantry process needed to be securely stabilized to allow slip sheets to be dropped in multiple positions on the pallets.

Tolomatic Solution:
A MXP profiled rail pneumatic cylinder was selected to achieve the smooth linear motion required. One MXP actuator mounted on the X-axis moves to position the Y-axis MXP actuator over the paper sheets. The X-Y configuration moves down, picks up the sheet, moves up and over into a new position on a pallet. Sensors were implemented along the horizontal stroke of the X axis MXP actuator to signal position.

Customer Benefit:

  • Increased machine efficiency and increased palletizing production
  • Achieved standardization of design on all slip sheet placement