Educational Exhibit

Product Family:    Electric
Product Used:     ERD Electric Cylinder
Product Type:     Standard

Application Description:  
Backhoe simulator for Children’s Museum

A museum exhibit design allowed children to operate a simulated backhoe. The automated motion required electric cylinders to simulate the lift, reach and tilt of the backhoe’s arm and bucket. A 100% duty cycle requirement was necessary during hours the museum would be open.

Tolomatic Solution:
Three ERD15 electric cylinders were selected to control each of the simulated motions, two with a 12-inch stroke and one with a 6-inch stroke. A JVL drive was used because of the simple set up and easy programming to control the motion profiles.

Customer Benefit:

  • Realistic operation with non-stop operation during business hours
  • Simplified installation with electric components rather than a pneumatic system
  • A more realistic sound experience with stepper motor rather than pneumatic air valves
  • Exhibit is so popular with the children that the museum added another backhoe simulator to accommodate the increased attendance