Color Registry

Product Family: Electric
Product Used: Belt Drive Actuator
Product Type: Custom

Application Requirements:
Stroke: 120 in
Speed: 4 in/sec.
Load: 3 lbs
Moments: 50 in/lbs in Mx

Application Description: 
Color registry alignment in large scale commercial printing presses

A printing press manufacturer’s existing press design was using a belt driven actuator that was low profile and inexpensive which was desirable, however the actuator’s internal components were exposed and fine dust particulates generated from paper residue were compacting into the bearing system. As a result, units needed to be frequently rebuilt. The customer was looking to replace the actuators and needed a drop-in solution.

Tolomatic Solution:
Tolomatic provided a custom belt drive actuator that was a drop-in replacement used for the color registry system on the press. The actuator moves and positions a camera that monitors the color registration process. The actuator’s sealed internal roller bearings and dust band effectively protect against the ingress of dust particulates. Both a single and double-driven design were created.

Customer Benefit:

  • Replaced actuators without design modifications to existing equipment
  • Longer lasting actuator with enclosed design reduced down time and maintenance costs