Box/Tray Former

Product Family: Electric
Product Used: RSA Rod Actuator
Product Type: Standard

Application Requirements:
Stroke: 23 inches
Speed: 20-40 trays per/sec.
Thrust: 250 lbf

Application Description:  
Corrugated box/tray former

The customer was looking to replace their pneumatic rod-style cylinder on their box/forming machine with a heavy duty electric cylinder to improve move accuracy, increase cycle speeds and deliver longer cylinder life. The actuator needed to provide the vertical thrust required to form trays and boxes from blank corrugated board stock.

Tolomatic Solution:
A RSA50 rod-style electric cylinder with a precision ball screw was selected for the vertically mounted actuator to deliver the necessary force and speed requirements. Using Tolomatic’s Your Motor Here database of popular servo and stepper motors, the actuator was supplied with all the necessary motor mounting hardware for the customer’s motor choice. The move to an electric actuator also allows this axis of motion to be tied into the host machine’s menu driven changeover capability to reduce changeover time between carton and/or box sizes.

Customer Benefit:

  • Increased forming speeds
  • Increased actuator life
  • Increased production throughput of machine by 30%
  • Reduced change-over time