Beef Processing

Product Family: Electric
Product Used: IMA food grade white epoxy housing

Product Type: Standard

Application Requirements:
Stroke: 12 in (300 mm)


Application Description:
Positioning a saw blade for processing beef


An OEM of beef processing equipment wanted to replace hydraulic cylinders on a saw blade positioning system to eliminate hydraulic fluid leakage, improve performance and throughput. The hydraulic cylinder operated over the processing area so any leaks in the system could contaminant the beef product, and have significant downtime was required when the hydraulic system required maintenance or replacement.  The hydraulic system did not allow for precise control and positioning of the blade during the cutting process, which resulting in inconsistent cuts and required the end user to ship slightly larger cuts of beef to account for product cut variation.  Additionally the OEM received poor support from the cylinder supplier when questions or issues regarding the machine arose.



Tolomatic Solution:
Tolomatic deployed IMA integrated linear servo actuator with food grade white epoxy coating to eliminate the threat of contamination due to leaks.  Additionally, with the precise control of the servo actuator, the OEM was able to make clean, consistent cuts on the sides of beef.  This allowed the end users to more precisely control their processes and the amount of beef that they were shipping. The more precise processes, reduced maintenance, and the elimination of potential leaks reduced the cost of ownership and lowered operating costs for the end user.  Finally, the hygienic design of the white epoxy coating, smooth outer surfaces, IP67 protection rating and use of stainless steel hardware further helped with the cleaning of the machine. 


Customer Benefit:

  • Elimination of contamination with leaking hydraulic fluid
  • More precise and cleaner cuts on product
  • Improved process control
  • Easier to clean machine