Bag Positioning

Product Family: Electric
Product Used: B3S10 Ball Screw Linear Actuator
Product Type: Modified Standard

Application Description:  
Accommodate bags of different sizes for filling and sealing.    

Customers of a leading packaging machine builder had begun to switch from standard sized, high-quality bags to lower-cost bags with inconsistent dimensions, leading to problems with improper filling and sealing. The solution needed to allow for quick adjustments to accommodate varying bag sizes accurately and consistently.

Tolomatic Solution:
Four modified-standard B3S10 ball-screw linear actuators were used to precisely position the incoming bags before they are inserted into the filling/sealing line. Two actuators adjust for vertical position and two horizontal actuators center the bags in their trays. A set of the actuators were coupled together by Tolomatic, incorporating right hand/left hand screws, to get 2 axes of motion from one motor.  

Customer Benefit:

  • Flexibility for many different sizes of bags
  • A space-saving solution implemented without significant modification to existing machine
  • Boost in productivity and accuracy for packaging
  • Simplifying control scheme by eliminating need for an additional motor and control

PACKL-018-E, Reference: 9900-4030