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ACS Actuator Control Solutions Servo Hardware & Installation User Manual (Discontinued)

Version: 3604-4181_16_ACS-Servo

(Discontinued) EMC wiring Guidelines Cable routing It is recommended that the power and signal cables for the ACS Drive be routed as far apart as possible to minimize system noise. NOTE! The standard cables from Tolomatic are not flex rated and have a minimum bend radii of 3.75 inches. Any repeated flexing or excessive bending can result in broken conductors and intermittent faults. Shielding and grounding When cabling the system, high quality braided or foil with braided shielded cables are recommended. The standard motor cables provided by Tolomatic have a braided shield with drain wires. The metal angle bracket on the drive/controller is also a case ground and should be tied to earth ground. To minimize EMI and ensure system reliability, all shield drain wires from all cables should be tied to a common earth ground. Proper and Safe Use of Product Protection circuits and external fuses A fuse should be added to the input power line to protect the drive/controller and power supply from any potential over current conditions that may occur. (See Section 6: Specifications & Wiring) Fail Safe emergency Stop recommendations A means for a fail safe e-stop is highly recommended to ensure equipment and personal safety. The e-stop should provide a means to remove main power from the actuator to cease and prevent any unwanted motion. Device Damage Prevention To prevent permanent damage to the device, proper care should be taken not to exceed published voltage, current, temperature, and load ratings. In addition, proper wiring should be verified and safety measures checked before applying power. Personal Safety During normal operation the motor can become hot. It is highly recommended to display proper safety notices and implement proper safety measures to prevent contact with hot surfaces.