Tolomatic Live Demo Studio

How do you do a customer demo online?  We have an Answer.

Demo Studio Flyer

Put our Demo Studio to Use:

Build sales by educating your customers in interactive meetings. We will customize the meeting to cover the information most relevant to your customer. Visit for ideas on topics.

  1. 10-15 min. Product Introduction: Allow us to showcase a product or application to your customers and answer their questions.
  2. 30-45 min. Interactive Sales Call: Conduct an interactive sales call in real time with all of our physical demos available to be used.
  3. 1-2 Hour Lunch & Learn: Educate customers on our products, applications, technology and/or linear motion from the experts.


  • Moving demos to show control, speed, infinite positioning capability
  • Product line introduction showing product families, features and benefits
  • Training with customers
  • Introduction to Tolomatic Leadership

RSA & ACSI: Moving / Control

  • Ability to have your customer ‘remote control’ the motion profile
  • Show the infinite positioning capability
  • Show the ability to control accelerations and decelerations

ACS Servo Drive: Interactive


  • Demonstrate servo control
  • Learn about TMI software
  • Understand rotary mode for ACS/ACSI

Hygienic Washdown Products
with Water and Movement

  • Shows multiple actuator solutions
  • IP69K features
  • Hygienic design

Gantry System

  • Shows an X + X’, Y and Z axis of movement
  • Demonstrate a jack shaft design
  • Combination of rodless and rod style actuators
  • Review mounting plates, cable management and more

RSA Servo Pressing

  • Repeatable and controlled motion profile.
  • Incorporate of a load cell for data or control
  • Combination of rod style electric actuator and servo motor

Dual Direction MX

  • Modified standard solution
  • Ability to center material, move two doors, act as a gripper, etc.

Hydraulic Conversion

  • Work through a hydraulic to electric conversion
  • See the important parameters to document and the calculations to do

Customize Your Own

Conveyor Side Guide Adjustment

  • Multiple positions are easy and repeatable and fast

LZT / ServoPlace

  • Fastest rod style electric servo actuator

  • Ability to place nuts and studs consistently for welding
  • Motion control of acceleration, velocity and fast deceleration

Roller Screw Technology
and Various Sizes

  • Show the basic advantages of planetary rollers screws

  • The key components
  • Multiple sizes

Automatic Drink Mixer

  • Combined rodless and rodstyle actuators

  • Shows an X and Y, mult-axis system
  • Multiple positions, moves and precision