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Tolomatic Motion Interface Version 3.15.03

Version: 3.15.03

Tolomatic Motion Interface version for use with ACS Stepper, Servo, and Integrated Drives. Release Date: 11/11/2016 Includes: • ACS Servo Firmware version (updated from • ACS Stepper Firmware version (updated from • ACS Integrated Servo (ACSI) Firmware version (updated from TMI Software Release Notes: • XML Import updates • Voltage Control updates • Offline mode ACSI • IO Configuration updates • Index demo mode usability, added to ACS Servo and Stepper • Tuning loss on ACSI when defaulting • NEMA 11, NEMA 17 Stepper Rotary support • Additional bug fixes for usability ACS Servo Firmware Release Notes: Velocity Error Updates; Stop move in Network Modes; Homing in Analog Velocity mode; Updates to Pneumatic Mode; Indexer Demo Mode ACS Stepper Firmware Release Notes: Stop Move with Digital Input Control; Indexer Demo Mode; Pneumatic Mode Updates ACS Integrated Servo Release Notes: Velocity Error Updates; Analog Velocity Homing; Pneumatic Mode Updates; Home on Powerup in Analog Control; Home on Powerup for Indexer Demo Mode