Shrimp Processing & Peeling

Product Family: Power Transmission
Product Used: P20 style caliper brake
Product Type: Modified Standard

Application Requirements:

  • Continous heavy duty operation
  • Corrosion resistant

Application Description: 
Shrimp processing and peeling

A leading manufacturer of shrimp processing equipment experienced repeated, premature brake failure on the machinery’s shrimp peeling process. The heavy duty performance requirements combined with constant exposure to a corrosive high moisture environment was causing the braking system to fail in two weeks time.

Tolomatic Solution:
Tolomatic designed a P20 style caliper brake from 316 stainless steel that resisted corrosion and provided the required braking torque capable of performing under the heavy duty cycle requirements of the application.

Customer Benefit:

  • No brake failures
  • Eliminated down time
  • Eliminated replacement parts