Animatronic Targets

Product Family: Pneumatic
Product Used: MXP Rodless Cylinder
Product Type: Standard

Application Requirements
Stroke: 40, 50, 52, 72, 74 inches
Speed: 25 – 40 in/sec
Load: 20 – 50 lbs
Moments: 100 – 300 in-lbs

Application Description: 
Soldier training with realistic automated targets.

To prepare soldiers for overseas duty, an automated, realistic combat environment needed to be
created by an animatronics firm that would put soldiers through a rigorous regimen of events requiring
targets and combatants to appear in a variety to positions at a moments notice. The actuators moving
these objects would need to accommodate, various loads and bending moments along with multiple
varying stroke lengths and speeds.

Tolomatic Solution:
Multiple MXP pneumatic rodless actuators with varying stroke lengths were chosen to move targets
for this application. The actuator’s solid bearing, profiled rail design with dual carrier options provided
the necessary capacity for the loads and bending moments needed to move the targets into position.
The rodless actuator design also worked best for some of the targets that were housed in confined

Customer Benefit:

  • Standard cataloged product kept costs down
  • Product stroke flexibility provided a one-style actuator solution for all animated targets
  • reducing design time and components
  • Realistic, varied motion provided a real-life training experience