ERD Low Cost Electric Actuators / Electric Cylinders

ERD Electric Cylinders are Low-Cost Electric Actuators that Provide an Alternative to Pneumatic Cylinders

ERD Electric Low-Cost Actuators

The ERD electric cylinders are low-cost electric actuators that provide an alternative to pneumatic cylinders and an option for automating manual processes. The ERD electric cylinders are compatible with many NEMA and metric standard - stepper and servo motors. Use the ERD to create low-cost, high performance electric actuator solutions.

The ERD electric cylinders offer these features:

  • 7 body sizes
  • Ball, acme and roller screw choices
  • Force / thrust capabilities up to 4,500 lbf
  • Stroke lengths up to 39.4”
  • Guide / Anti-rotate options
  • Stepper Drive / Controller & Motor solutions
  • IP67 & IP69k options
  • USDA approved hygienic option
  • All stainless steel body options with protective motor enclosure

View a YouTube video of the low cost ERD electric actuator in motion

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