Tolomatic’s Commitment to Sustainability

Tolomatic strives for holistic sustainability, aiming for positive impacts on people, the planet, and business results. Our interconnected efforts seek to address climate change, restore natural systems, and foster opportunity and equity for teams, communities, and partners, creating positive change for all.

Paul CarlsonPaul Carlson
President & CEO

“At the center of our core values lies a steadfast commitment to sustainability. We believe that success is not just measured in profits, but in the positive impact we have on the planet. Our journey is not just about building a successful business; it’s about cultivating a thriving planet for generations to come. Sustainability isn’t an option; it’s who we are today and who we will continue to be in the future.”

Examples of Tolomatic’s Commitment to Sustainability

Global Reforestation

Every Actuator Sold
Contributes Towards
Thousands of Trees
Planted each Year

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One Tree Planted

Refurbishment & Remanufacturing Program

Stats on Remanufacting program
Number of actuators refurbished/reused

Recycled Materials Annually

Pounds of Aluminum Recycled:

Pounds of Steel Recycled:

Pounds of Cardboard Recycled: