Catalytic Converter Assembly

Product Family: Electric
Product Used:    B3W, GSA
Product Type:    Standard & Modified

Application Requirements
Stroke: <204 in.
Speed: <200 in/sec
Load: 1182 lbs

Application Description:  
Pick and place catalytic converter cans through different stages on assembly machine

The customer needed a gantry system with very long strokes (over 200 inches) to carry loads in excess of 1000 lbs. Due to heavy load and fast movements, the system experienced very high moment loading.

Tolomatic Solution:
Tolomatic provided a modfied B32 electric belt driven actuator equipped with dual carriers to handle the high moment loads and meet the long stroke requirements. A GSA guided rod electric actuator was also deployed for the Z-axis to pick and place the catalytic converter cans in different stages of the machine process.

Customer Benefit:

  • Lower price point and better delivery vs. existing system
  • Met longer stroke capabilities allowing the customer to sell larger machines increasing throughput