Pneumatische Stellantriebe FAQs

This section is for frequently asked questions regarding Tolomatic’s pneumatic motion control products. If you have a question not covered here, feel free to reach us at 1-800-328-2174 or

What is the maximum stroke length of the BC2 Cylinders? What is the max stroke length of Tolomatic pneumatic cylinders?

How do I size a pneumatic cylinder?

What information is required to size / select a pneumatic cylinder?

Does the pneumatic cylinder orientation change the capability of the carrier?

Can I use a Band Cylinder in a dusty environment?

Is it easy to repair our BC210 cylinder?

Can a BC2 band cylinder be used as a direct replacement for the older style BC1?

Can Tolomatic band cylinders be used as a direct replacement for band cylinders from other manufacturers?

My switches are not working; what should I look for?

What is the difference between the older style 100-150 cable cylinder and the new CC15 cable cylinders?

Can extra cables be ordered for cable cylinders? Extra cable lengths?

How do I know if an application requires a shock absorber is needed?

Do I need an auto-tensioner with a long stroke cable cylinder?

How do I adjust the cushions or landing speed of a stopping speed of a landing cylinder?