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Latest News

New RSA Quick Ship Program

Pre-configured, fixed stroke RSA 32 rod style industrial actuators available in one week!

New Twin Profile Rail Stage actuator from Tolomatic improves accuracy in XYZ motion system

New electric linear actuator is built for rigidity and accuracy to deliver the required speed and force on multi-axis motion control systems.

New RSH electric hygienic rod-style actuator delivers clean, continuous control to automation machinery

Designed to hygienic standards for eliminating harborage points and preventing bacterial growth, the RSH hygienic actuator is the newest in Tolomatic’s family of hygienic actuators.

New eBook: Electric actuators for hydraulic replacement

Tolomatic’s new eBook provides complete details on why and how to switch from hydraulic to electric motion control systems in industrial and manufacturing applications, including tips for converting.

New for robotic applications: Compact ServoWeld® actuators from Tolomatic deliver high force in a small package

Compact profile combines a hollow-core servo motor integrated into a high-force welding actuator for faster resistant spot-weld cycles.

Tolomatic expands hydraulic-class electric actuator force range to 50,000 lbf

Designed for hydraulic cylinder replacement, Tolomatic high-force electric actuators provide long life and reliable performance in demanding conditions.

Tolomatic develops open-source, low-cost ventilator actuation prototypes for COVID-19 patients

Tolomatic responds to COVID-19 effort with ventilator actuation prototypes

Paul Carlson named President, CEO of Tolomatic, Inc.

Paul Carlson has been named President and Chief Executive Officer of Tolomatic, Inc.

Tolomatic Receives Governor’s International Trade Award

Tolomatic receives an award for continued growth and success in international market.

New Hygienic Integrated Electric Actuators Provide Modular Clean-In-Place Solutions

The Tolomatic IMA-S stainless-steel integrated servo actuator is designed for the most demanding of food and beverage processing applications.

Increased Capacity to High-Force Electric Actuator Family

Tolomatic high-force electric actuators are more efficient, accurate and flexible compared to hydraulic cylinders–and without the messy leaks or noisy operation of hydraulics.

Tolomatic electric actuators with expanded stroke range designed to replace fluid power cylinders

Electric rod-style actuators with roller screws, available in many different configurations of thrust ratings, speeds and stroke lengths, meet the demanding requirements of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder replacement

New Tolomatic high-performance drilling choke valve actuator improves process for managed pressure drilling

Designed for performance drilling applications in the oil and gas industry, such as managed pressure drilling, Tolomatic’s new ServoChoke® SVC choke valve actuator can replace conventional hydraulic or electric jackscrew-type choke valve operators.

Tolomatic food-grade servo actuator designed for high-force food and beverage processing

New options provide superior actuator protection in sanitary washdown environments.

New ServoWeld® actuators from Tolomatic offer lighter weight and superior performance in automotive resistance spot welding

Cost-effective actuator design provides the lowest lifetime cost and highest quality welds; broad product family offers many choices to optimize weight and performance.

Tolomatic MXB-S linear belt drive actuator designed for harsh environments

New trapezoidal solid-bearing actuator design optimizes performance in moderate-loading applications requiring high duty cycle and high speed over long strokes.

Tolomatic hygienic electric cylinder delivers more force, longer service life

Tolomatic ERD all-stainless hygienic electric actuators with new roller screw choices are designed for 100 percent duty cycle and can be deployed in the most demanding of food and beverage processing applications

Tolomatic electric actuators, available on Rockwell Automation design software

Available in both servo and stepper control technologies, the Tolomatic ACS actuator control solution for industrial applications ensures interoperability between other ODVA conformant devices over EtherNet/IP.

Low-cost and versatile, ERD electric rod cylinder all-stainless steel design

Smallest of the hygienic-designed ERD cylinders is ideal for medium-force washdown applications.