Elektrische Produkte FAQs

This section is for frequently asked questions regarding Tolomatic’s electric motion control products. If you have a question not covered here, feel free to reach us at 1-800-328-2174 or help@tolomatic.com

What is the maximum stroke length of Tolomatic electric actuators?

Can you use third party motors on the Tolomatic electric actuators?

Why is it important to add over travel to the electric actuator stroke?

What information is necessary to select an electric actuator?

How do I select or size an electric actuator?

What should I look for if the limit switches are not working on an electric actuator?

What is inertia ratio?

What is the difference between Add-On Profiles (AOP) and Add-On Instructions (AOI)?

What is meant by ‘static’ IP rating?

Is there different Tolomatic Motion Interface software for each drive type, ACS servo, ACS stepper and ACSI integrated servo?