Medizinische Verfahren in Kliniken

Product Family: Electric
Product Used: RSA12 rod-style actuator
Product Type: Standard & Modified

Application Requirements:
Force: 100 lbs
Speed: Slow and regulated
Stroke: 6.25 inches

Application Description: 
Precisely control a medical procedure and allow the process to be completed in a clinic environment, rather than traditionally requiring a hospital visit.

A customer needed an electric actuator to control the injection of a treatment contrast into a human body. They also had a restriction on the overall size of the actuator and the process needed to be slow and carefully controlled with precision within the defined envelop space.

Tolomatic Solution:
RSA12 rod-style actuator was selected with a stroke length specific to the application. A motor mounted in a reverse parallel configuration reduced the footprint size to fit within the envelop of the equipment. The actuator was also equipped with switches to signal when the injection procedure starts and finishes. Tolomatic’s Your Motor Here program provided a custom motor mount at no additional charge to mount the customer’s motor of choice.

Customer Benefit:

  • Precise, slow and programmable control of the process
  • Allows the treatment procedure to be completed in a clinic rather than a hospital
  • Configurable stroke length to allow minimal excess length
  • Simplified system design