Bullet Press/Former

Product Family: Electric
Product Used: RSX10 & RSX20 Extreme Force Electric Rod-Style Actuator
Product Type: Standard
Application Requirements:
Cycle rate: High cycle rate
Force: High force
Orientation: Mounted vertical (up and down)

Application Description:  
Bullet Press/former.

A bullet manufacturer wanted to replace an existing hydraulic system on their bullet press/former with electric actuators.  Although hydraulic cylinders in use could achieve the high force required, the hydraulic system tended to leak, required regular maintenance and because of the control challenges it was difficult to consistantly create perfect bullets.  Additionally, the manufacturer wanted the lower operating cost, greater accuracy, repeatability and faster product changeover available with electric actuators.

Tolomatic Solution:
Very few electric actuators can achieve the high force and high cycle rate required for this bullet press/former machine. Using Tolomatic’s online sizing tool it was determined that the RSX20 would provide the high force required in a relatively small size. Tolomatic was able to provide the many RSX10 and RSX20 actuators with YMH (Your Motor Here) for the supplied motors within the aggresive timeline needed for this project. Coordinating with our sales manager and our distributor we were able to provide the programming required for the servo motor/drive system the manufacturer preferred.

Customer Benefit:

•    Fast product changeover using servo motor control
•    High output/less scrap, high accuracy & repeatability, feedback = more perfect bullets
•    Increased safety via current and torque monitoring/limiting
•    Energy and cost savings, lower maintenence requirements