Massenkühlung von Fleisch (Bulk Meat Chilling)

Product Family: Electric
Products Used: Stainless steel ERD15 electric cylinder
Product Type: Standard

Application Requirements:
Stroke: 6 inches

Application Description: 
Direct meat product to evenly fill bulk container.

An OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of bulk product chilling equipment needed a hygienic electric actuator solution on a new design of equipment intended for USDA certification. The actuators needed to direct meat product in a bulk container evenly as the product came down the conveyor. The actuators will work together to form a XY motion plane.

Tolomatic Solution:
An ERD15 actuator with SS2 option and a standalone drive were chosen to provide the customer with infinite positioning capability. The smooth, round bodied stainless steel construction of the ERD15 is a very hygienic design. The all stainless steel ERD15SS2 electric cylinder houses the motor within an enclosure which protects the motor from moisture during the frequent wash-down cleaning of the equipment. The drive analog position mode allowed the OEM to easily integrate with the existing PLC

Customer Benefit:

  • Received USDA certification
  • Flexible operation with infinite positions allowed for even bulk fill