Powder Filling

Product Family: Electric
Product Used: JVL integrated motor and RSA Electric Rod-Style Actuator
Product Type: Standard

Application Description:  
Filling a variety of container sizes.

A leading manufacturer of automated powder filling packaging equipment had previously used pneumatic actuators to fill containers with various products. However when containers where changed, the changeover was a long process because the pneumatic actuators needed to be adjusted every time. The process needed to be precise and consistent to ensure accurate filling amounts.

Tolomatic Solution:
A JVL Servo Motor with Integrated Drive combined with the RSA electric rod-style actuator offered the manufacturer a complete motion solution. Through simple configuration of the JVL servo motor/drive/controller the actuator was able to perform the critical container lifting maneuver required to perform uniform fills in the application. This eliminated the time-consuming, trial-and-error adjustment method required for change-overs with the pneumatic actuator. The flexibility of the actuator also provided additional functionality for the machine.

Customer Benefit:

  • Consistent, precise lifting control for uniform filling
  • Improved speed and efficiency of container size change-over
  • Increased productivity with reduced set-up time
  • Provided added machine flexibility to meet varied customer demands

PACKL-017-E, Reference: 9900-9203