SLIDESHOW: Advantages of Electric Servo Linear Actuators in Automotive Spot Welding

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What Automotive Manufacturers Want

  • Cost Control
  • High quality

How Welding Actuators Help

  • Weld quality
  • Welding speed
  • Flexibility
  • Total cost

Weld Quality

Consistent weld force is key to vehicle quality.
  • Pneumatic welding actuators struggle
    • Fluctuating pressure is the issue

Welding Speed

Faster welding increases production speeds.
  • Electric servo actuators can cycle faster than pneumatic



Vehicles change. Production needs to adapt.
  • Electric
    • Easy to program
    • Same equipment used as vehicles change
  • Pneumatic
    • Not usually programmable
    • Vehicle changes may require different actuators

Total Cost

Total life cycle cost counts more than purchase price.
Electric servo actuators
  • Cost more to buy
  • Save money in operation
    • Faster
    • Used for multiple vehicles
    • Efficient operation
    • Low maintenance

Tolomatic GSWA ServoWeld® Actuators