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Tolomatic Motion Interface Version


Tolomatic Motion Interface version for use with ACS Stepper, Servo, and Integrated Drives. Release Date: 6/12/2018 Includes: Tolomatic Motion Interface Version zur Verwendung mit ACS Stepper-, Servo und Integrated Drives. Veröffentlichungsdatum: 6/12/2018 Enthält: • ACS Servo Firmware Version • ACS Stepper Firmware Version • ACS Integrated Servo (ACSI) Firmware-Version TMI Software Versionshinweise: • ACS Stepper- und ACS-Servomotor-Katalog-Updates für 3: 1-Getriebe (• ACS Servo Firmware version • ACS Stepper Firmware version • ACS Integrated Servo (ACSI) Firmware version TMI Software Release Notes: • ACS Stepper and ACS Servo Motor Catalog Updates to include 3:1 gearboxes)