Prozesssteuerung Elektronikplatinen

Product Family: Electric
Product Used:   RSA16 Rod Style Screw Drive Actuator
Product Type:    Standard

Application Requirements
Stroke: 14 in
Speed: 0.25mm / sec
Load: 120 lbs
Motion Profile: Constant velocity

Application Description:  
Electronic boards for solar panel industry .

Quality control identified improper soldering and insulation of components due to inconsistent dispensing of glue/solder paste material. The dispensing system relied on pneumatic cylinders to supply consistent force to apply the material. However, compressed air provided inconsistent force and unacceptable material dispensing; this in turn lead to improper soldering and poor insulation on components.

Tolomatic Solution:
The Tolomatic RSA16 electric screw drive rod actuator was specified to replace the pneumatic cylinder pushed the piston dispensing the glue/solder paste from the cartridge. The updated system with the RSA16 provided consistent force and instantaneous feedback to insure the proper rate of material dispensing. The result was a 99% reduction in failure of the electronic components manufactured using this process.

Customer Benefit:

  • Total solution provides consistent glue/solder paste material output
  • Virtually eliminated failure of solder joints
  • Eliminated insulation problems