Spurwechsler (Lane Changer)


Product Family:    Electric
Product Used:     MXE rodless actuator, ERD rod actuator
Product Type:     Standard

Application Requirements:
Stroke:     6 inches
Speed:     slow, less than 2 in/sec; externally guided

Application Description:  
Lane changer for bottle conveyor

A bottling process required bottles be shifted onto two conveyors and temporarily held in position. The application required multiple lane changeovers and as a result, the customer designated an electrical motion solution to maximize energy efficiency.

Tolomatic Solution:
A MXE25 rodless screw actuator with a solid bearing was selected and mounted over the conveying lanes. Paddle tooling was mounted to the actuator’s load carrying device which performed the necessary lane diverting moves as each position was met. An ERD15 rod screw actuator was selected to hold the bottles in position. Mounted to the side of the conveyor lane, the ERD actuator pushes a pivot device stopping the bottles as required. A JVL drive with EtherNet IP provided fault feedback to ensure all lanes operated as desired.

Customer Benefit:

  • Low-cost, efficient electric actuator installation
  • Simple programming and drive installation
  • Constant throughput monitoring

CONV-003, Reference: 9900-4036