Verarbeitung in Kraftstoffleitungen

Product Family: RSA rod style electric actuator
Product Type: Standard

Application Requirements
Stroke: 12 in.
Speed: 8 in/sec
Load: 20 lbs (guided and supported)
Force: 900 lbs maximum
Motion Profile: Trapezoidal

Application Description: 
Stripping plastic hypercoat off steel fuel line

A manufacturer specializing in small tube fabricating was using a pneumatic process to strip a plastic hypercoat off of steel fuel line tubing prior to end forming. The process produced inconsistent results and the different sized strips and tube lengths required extensive setup time each time a different length was encountered.

Tolomatic Solution:
RSA32 rod style electric actuator was specified to provide accurate and repeatable results over the pneumatic cylinder. Tube selection specifications were transferred to a PLC which communicated with a servo controller displaying the position and speed.

Customer Benefit:

  • Consistant stripping quality
  • Reduced changeover time from minutes to seconds
  • Increased significantly the number of tube sizes and strip lengths the machine could process