Formen/Pressen/Verpacken von Kosmetikpuder

Product Family: Electric
Product Used: RSA50 rod-style actuator with RP
Product Type: Standard

Application Description: 
Cosmetic powder forming / pressing / packaging.

A manufacturer had used hydraulics to press/form and package makeup and other cosmetics. Each part of the process had issues regarding position control, feedback, speed, accuracy and repeatability. The units constantly needed to be cleaned of hydraulic fluids due to leakage of hoses and pumps. The hydraulic system main pump and reservoir was large and took up considerable floor space in the production area. Changing to different cosmetic lines or product mixtures was a time consuming operation.

Tolomatic Solution:
An RSA50 rod-style actuator with RP (reverse parallel motor mount) was chosen to replace the hydraulic cylinder. The RSA50 supplied significant force with greater speed, accuracy and repeatability than the previous hydraulic system. The servo motor/drive system selected was able to keep each product line requirement recorded/available and supplied a flexible controls platform for the operators to make changes on the fly during production.

Customer Benefit:

  • Removal of messy hydraulic fluids, hoses and pumps.
  • Removal of hydraulic main pump and reservoir freed up wasted floor space.
  • Tolomatic's electric solution was within budget and the ROI was significant, almost doubling the daily output.
  • Electric solution increased flexibility and output while significantly reducing rejected product