Product Family: Electric
Product Used: 2 MXB profiled rail rodless belt drive actuators
Product Type: Standard

Application Requirements
Stroke: 16 and 25 inches 

Application Description: 
A carton stage and feeding system positions cartons and moves them through a fill zone where accurate counts of sugar packets are dispensed.

The sugar packaging system needed to be fast and accurate for filling of both the pouches and cartons. The equipment needed to provide consistent package counts of the sugar pouches in each carton. Floor space and cost containment were both concerns.

Tolomatic Solution:
MXB profiled rail rodless belt drive actuators were selected over a rod-style ball screw actuator because of their thrust, acceleration capabilities, compact footprint and low-cost alternative. One belt actuator was used to position the cartons and another belt actuator was used to move the cartons through the fill zone. Tolomatic MXB-P belt actuators were selected because of their larger input shafts, oversized pulley bearings and consistent repeatability.

Customer Benefit:

  • Motor mounting was compatible with existing servo system using Tolomatic’s Your Motor Here program
  • Increased speed of machine operation