Tire Turn Up

Product Family: Electric

Product Used: RSA64 Screw-Drive Electric Rod-Style Actuators

Product Type: Standard

Application Requirements

Stroke: 1.52m (60 in)

Thrust: 40 kN (9,000 lbf)

Application Description: 

Turn up fabric reinforced and gum plies around the bead of the green (raw) tire during automotive tire manufacturing.   


A tire manufacturer wanted to replace the hydraulic cylinders used for the turn up operation on their tire fabricating machine to modernize and reduce maintenance costs associated with the hydraulic solution.  A set of two actuators were required to turn up both sides of the flat tire material to form a green tire. Thrust required was 40 kN (9,000 lbf) at 1.52 m (60 in) stroke.

Tolomatic Solution:

Using Tolomatic's online sizing tool, the RSA64 electric rod actuator was chosen to deliver the required thrust.  The lubricated for life ball screw in the actuator did not require maintenance. This saved time and cost on maintenance in addition to ensuring the process was consistent.

Customer Benefit:

  • Reduced maintenance and hydraulic component replacement costs
  • Increased machine efficiency (Lower electric utility costs)
  • Longer lasting solution for higher machine uptime