Overhead Pull-Off System

Product Family: Pneumatic
Product Used: BC2 Rodless Cylinder
Product Type: Standard

Application Requirements:
Stroke: 48 inches

Application Description:  
Diverting boxes to different conveyors.    

A major producer of conveyor systems had need for a compact diverting device for an overhead pull-off system that would easily integrate, and could move boxes up to 150 pounds to a different conveyor line. The actuator needed to be able to withstand high bending moments while also eliminating the need for additional floor space to mount it.

Tolomatic Solution:
A BC2 rodless pneumatic actuator was mounted over the conveyor. The stroke of the actuator is contained within the cylinder itself, saving valuable floor space. The actuator is capable of up to 800 pounds of force and the actuator’s bearing system can withstand bending moments up to 1,800 pounds making it ideal for this application.  

Customer Benefit:

  • Eliminated need for floor space for pull-off system
  • Durability and higher side-load capacity
  • Simple addition to existing system

CONV-009-P, Reference: 9900-4031