Exercise Equipment

Product Family: Electric
Product Used: ERD20
Product Type: Modified

Application Requirements:
Stroke: 10" (254 mm)
Force: up to 500 lbf (2,224 N)

Application Description:  
Resistance based exercise equipment.   

An OEM manufacturer that makes high end resistance weight training equipment for fitness facilities needed actuators that slowly push or pull to provide the exact amount of resistance for the exercise. The actuators must be very accurate and highly responsive. 

Tolomatic Solution:
Using Tolomatic's online sizing tool, along with discussion and analysis of data that was specific to the uniqueness of the application, it was determined that the ERD20 electric rod style actuator would provide the force required in a size that fit in the extisting equipment. The YMH (Your Motor Here) accommodated the motor the manufacturer preferred. The available mounting choices did not extactly match the equipment so Tolomatic engineering swiftly designed mounting to match. The customer worked with Tolomatic and their distributor to collaborate on engineering and extensive testing before finally adopting the Tolomatic solution as their new standard of design. The OEM manufacturer was pleased with the aesthetics, smooth motion, responsiveness and feedback of the ERD20 electric rod style actuators Tolomatic supplied.

Customer Benefit:

•    Aesthetically appealing design
•    Smooth motion and responsiveness
•    Better feedback