Diverting & Conveying

Product Family: Electric
Product Used:    ERD15
Product Type:    Standard

Application Requirements
Stroke: 30 mm
Speed: Variable
Load: Variable
Moments: Guided

Application Description:  
Variable movement of products on roller belt conveying device.

A builder of conveyor belt and equipment products, had recently replaced 2- and 3-position pneumatic cylinders with an electric open screw actuator solution. However late deliveries were becoming an  issue and the actuator’s open screw design was causing contaminant buildup and affecting performance. The application required variable loads and speeds depending on what products happened to be moving on the conveyors. The builder was also looking for a flexible solution for his customers whose applications required the conveyors to be washed down.

Tolomatic Solution:
The Tolomatic ERD actuator was a perfect choice for this application. A standard ERD with a 10 mm lead ball screw was selected for higher speeds. The actuator’s all stainless steel enclosed design protected internal components from contaminants and corrosion, while the IP67 option provided the necessary requirements for wash down requests.

Customer Benefit:

  • The all stainless steel and IP67 design opened the door for this builder to sell conveying systems into food and beverage markets
  • Standard cataloged product provided a fast solution to replace existing actuators.

CONV-001, Reference 9900-9209