Aseptic Plastic Injection Molding

Product Family: Electric
Product Used: IMA

Product Type: Standard

Application Requirements:

Application Description:
Precise positioning of product, blowers, sealers, welders, and more.


An OEM of plastic injection molding for pharmaceutical and medical industries needed to build its equipment without hydraulics.  Although hydraulics are compact and deliver power-dense force, they posed significant contamination risk to aseptic part manufacturing.  The OEM required a clean, electric solution to fit in tight spaces that provided the necessary force for the various applications. Finally, the actuator had to be compatible with the existing PLC and motion control package.


Tolomatic Solution:

The design of Tolomatic’s IMA linear servo actuator integrates the servo motor to create a very compact, high performance electric actuator compared to traditional rod-style actuators.  The IMA has four different sizes each with the choice of ball or roller screw. This gave the OEM the ability to accommodate all the size, force and budget requirements for the various machine designs. Configured with absolute encoders the IMA integrated smoothly with their drive manufacturer.  Also easing the installation, the customer was able to use standard cables and connectors from the servo drive manufacturer, the IMA has many options for the wiring of encoder and motor power.
Customer Benefit:

  • Integrated servo motor design met space requirements
  • Accurate control of positioning with zero backlash
  • Ability to swap PLC / servo drive controls without changing motor / mechanical design