ICR SmartActuator®: Intelligent Actuator with integrated motor, drive and controller

The ICR SmartActuator® is a controller, drive and servo motor integrated into one compact electric actuator.

The ICR SmartActuators are intelligent actuators that come in two motion control packages: The ICR SmartActuator BASIC for simple extend and retract operation and the ICR SmartActuator PLUS with indexer programming and network communication capabilities. The result: a smart actuator with reliable, affordable power that is remarkably easy-to-use. 

Both the ICR Plus and Basic SmartActuator offer:

  • 100% duty cycle for continuous operation
  • 24 Vdc opto-isolated inputs, NPN or PNP
  • Two ball screw selections
  • IP65 option for protection against water and dust ingress

ICRBasic Features

ICRPlus Features

ICR Speed vs Thrust

ICR Power Supply Sizing Guidelines

ICR Switches

ICR Critical Speed, Brake & Overloading Considerations

ICR Ball Screw Life, RP, an Mechanical Specifications

ICR In-line (LMI) Actuator Dimensions

ICR Reverse Parallel (RP) Actuator Dimensions

ICR In-line (LMI) Option Dimensions

ICR Reverse Parallel (RP) Option Dimensions

ICR Rod End Option Dimensions

ICR Switch Wiring Diagrams & Dimensions

Use the links below to locate a Tolomatic distributor in your area, find out more information on how to specify and configure your actuator, service parts information, and selection guidelines and tips.

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