ICM Plus: All-in-one Servo Control (Servo motor, drive and controller)

The ICM Plus makes  linear servo control easy and affordable.

The ICM Plus creates an all-in-one solution (controller, drive and motor) for affordable servo control when mounted to anyTolomatic electric rodless or rod-style actuator. The ICM Plus is designed for industrial applications, by combining a flexible integrated digital drive with the power of a servo motor.

  • Indexer programming

  • Infinite positioning

  • Stand-alone operation

  • Mid-stroke positioning with sensors

  • Stepper mode (pulse/direction)

  • Analog position mode

  • 100% duty cycle for continuous operation

  • 24 Vdc opto-isolated I / O, NPN or PNP

  • IP65 option – For protection against water and dust ingress

ICM Plus Features

ICM Plus Mechanical Specs & Power Supply

ICM Plus Motor Speed vs Torque & Brakes

ICM Plus Dimensions

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