COVID-19 Essential Business Updates &
Automated Breathing Assistance Concepts

Tolomatic Maintains Operation as an Essential Business

June 1, 2020

Dear Valued Distributors & Customers,

Tolomatic continues to operate with all shifts as an essential supplier to our customers. We continue building and shipping key products that support a wide variety of industries including food, medical, pharmaceutical, material handling, and life sciences.

The United States, and Minnesota in particular, have had a sad and challenging week. Minnesota is continuing to manage the COVID situation, but have the added challenge recently with the George Floyd racial discrimination protests. Fortunately our factory was moved out of Minneapolis over 25 years ago and is situated 45 kilometers away from most of the protesting. The area around our factory remains calm at this time. To better manage the COVID situation we have implemented many safety measures in our facility to maintain operations. This includes rigorous cleanings before and after every shift, staggered shift schedules, required masks in the building and social distancing between workers. We are continuing to study and apply best practices as they are identified.

We continue to get new inquiries daily on new applications. Our sales team is engaged with customers across the world working on new automation opportunities across almost all industries. We continue to come to work each morning looking for the next opportunity to improve a customer’s operational efficiency, product quality, employee safety and much more.

We will get through this.

Best Regards,
Andy Zaske
Vice President Sales and Marketing
Tolomatic, Inc.

Automated Breathing Assistance Concepts

Tolomatic has developed prototype systems to operate non-invasive Ambu-bags automatically with the ability to precisely  control tidal air volume and frequency.
We are reaching out to medical manufacturers to bring solutions to our nation's needs in this critical time.

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