Posted by Nick Holmgard on Tue, Jul 26 2016 @ 8:30 AM

Solid-bearing, belt-driven linear actuator handles harsh environment

Many applications call for the carrying action of a rodless electromechanical actuator. And many of these need the high speed and long stroke capabilities of a belt-driven linear actuator. But what do you do when your application is in a dusty, harsh environment? Many rodless electromechanical actuators can’t handle these conditions. Their roller bearings get clogged with dust and stop working. Could a solid bearing be the solution?

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Posted by Nick Holmgard on Tue, Apr 19 2016 @ 8:30 AM

Hygienic linear actuator keeps it clean

The world of food production and packaging is broad, varied and ever-changing. That world needs filling machines as diverse as the range of food products they process. Some filling machines have to handle powders and dry solids while others must handle thin or thick liquids. Some machines fill to a specified level, and some fill by volume or weight. This wide variety of equipment has a unifying need, though -- a need for hygienic design that can keep food products uncontaminated and withstand even the most stringent cleaning procedures.

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Posted by Nick Holmgard on Tue, Mar 08 2016 @ 8:30 AM

Electric linear actuator fills accuracy need under harsh conditions

Volumetric filling applications of any type require high levels of accuracy and repeatability. If the filling operation is part of a food and beverage processing plant, there are additional important factors. Factors like food safety and the ability to withstand even caustic washdowns.

Filling equipment designers often rely on electric linear actuators for crucial motion control. Like the machines they’re a part of, these electric actuators need to deliver accuracy and repeatability and may need to stand up to a challenging industrial environment.

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