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Servo Controller, Servo Driver & Servo Motor

Servo Controller - Servo Driver, Servo Motors and Planetary Gearboxes

Tolomatic Servo Controller - Servo Driver offer the following advantages:

  • Extremely smooth and quiet operation
  • Good for high torques [(up to 45 in-lb (5.08 N-m) continuous, 140 in-lb (15.82 N-m) peak]
  • Good for high speeds, up to 6,000 RPM
  • High resolution, 4,000 counts per revolution
  • Provide torque control
  • Good for short, repetitive moves
  • Maintenance free with no moving contacts

ACS Servo Controller - Servo Driver

ACS Servo

Servo Motors



ICM Plus Integrated Motor/ Controller/ Driver



Planetary Gearboxes


PV Servo Controller/Drive

Axiom PV Servo