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Tolomatic has the largest selection of rodless air cylinders and pneumatic actuators.

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Why choose a rodless air cylinder?


See the space savings advantages!

See the rodless space saving advantages

A typical NFPA tie rod cylinder with a 2-inch body size and an 8-inch stroke, has an approximate overall length when the rod is extended of 21.75 inches.

The equivalent 2-inch body size, 8-inch stroke rodless cylinder has an overall length of 14.3 inches. Since the rodless cylinder stroke is contained within the cylinder itself, there is a 34% smaller footprint than a rod style. As the stroke length increases, so does the space savings of a rodless cylinder.


A rodless cylinder actuator guides and supports the load throughout the entire stroke length. Utilizing a variety of different bearing and load carrying design techniques, bending moments are better controlled resulting in long wear without seal or bearing stress.


Built-to-Order in 5 days or less
All Tolomatic rodless air cylinders are built to your specifications (in any incremental stroke length) in 5 days or less. You get what you want, when you want it.